Ingrid is Cooking

This is Ingrid...


Forty years ago, I moved to Corfu from the Netherlands. It started as an ordinary holiday, turned into a working holiday and resulted in a permanent residence. This is the way life goes sometimes…


My first job here was as a chef in a Greek restaurant. That was quite a challenge, because I hardly spoke any Greek. “Good morning”, “good afternoon”, “good bye” and “cheers!” was about all I could manage.

I will never forget one of my first experiences here on Corfu. Butcher shops here were quite different these days. It was impossible to buy a few pork chops of 200 grams a piece. So, after the then customary glass of ouzo I ended up driving home on my scooter carrying half a pig.

I was in for an interesting ride, as you can imagine !


The past twenty years, I ran my own restaurant on Corfu, serving primarily Greek-Mediterranean dishes. In the kitchen, I had the lead. I received many enthusiastic reactions and reviews from guests. The past forty years, a lot has changed. I don’t own a scooter any more, to start with. My passion for cooking however has only grown. Until today, I enjoy nothing more than creating the most beautiful dishes from fresh Mediterranean ingredients

Unfortunately, my restaurant - like many other businesses - was heavily affected by the world wide COVID-19 pandemic. Therefore we could not open our doors this past spring. At the same time, I sense an increasing demand for delicious food in the privacy and safety of one’s own holiday accommodation. That’s why I decided to move in a new direction and offer my cooking skills in the privacy of your holiday home.