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Turn your home into a restaurant. I`ll be cooking at your home kitchen.


Personalize your own menu and I will take care of the rest, so you will have an enjoyable evening.


You can book me for one day or for longer term.


With this service we can guarantee you that you and your guests will enjoy with nothing to worry about! 







Pikilia : board with charcuterie, cheeses, savory bites, fruits and baguettes



Tzatziki : yoghurt dip with garlic and cucumber.

Taramosalata : fish roe dip.

Tirokafteri : spicy feta dip.

Melitzano salata : dip from eggplants.

Pasta elias: olive paste.

Dako: Greek bruschetta with tomato and feta.

Bruschetta : with tomato, garlic and olive oil.

Garlic bread with melted cheese.

Spanakopita : pie with spinach and feta.

Tiropita : pie with feta cheese.

Kotopita : pie with chicken and mushrooms.

Prasopita : pie with leak and raisons.

Saganaki  fourno : Greek cheese with bacon from the oven.

Saganaki: fried cheese with lemon.

Saganaki  filo: Greek cheese with filo pastry, honey and sesame.

Feta fourno : feta cheese with vegetables from the oven.

Carpaccio: veal tenderloin with rocket, pine nuts and pesto dressing.

Filet Americain: bruschetta with tapenade of tenderloin and chili pepper.

Portobello: stuffed portobello with bacon and cheese.

Mushrooms : stir fried mushrooms with garlic and balsamic.

Haloumi : grilled haloumi cheese with Metaxa raisins.

Gavros marinato: marinated anchovies with caramelized onion.

Pestrofa:  domino with a creamy dip from smoked trout .

Dolmades : stuffed grape leaves with rice and minced.

Gigantes: butterbeans from the oven with sauce.

Kolokithakia: fried zucchini strips.

Soup of choice.







Greek salad: tomato, cucumber, onions, olives and feta cheese.
Caesar: mixed salad with chicken, bacon and grana padano.
Rocket: with bacon, parmesan, pine nuts and balsamic.
Lentil salad: with mushrooms, prosciutto and caramelized onions.
Caprese: tomato, mozzarella and balsamic.
Special: mixed salad with baked feta, bacon, pomegranate and honey mustard dressing.
Tuna salad with cocktail dressing.
Chef: mixed salad with ham, cheese and eggs.
Mixed salad with smoked salmon and capers.
Potato salad.
Pasta salad: tortellini salad with spinach and prosciutto.




Stuffed potato:  a. side dish for meat.

                          b. side dish for fish.

Gratin: oven dish with bacon and cheese.

Roasted  potatoes.

Tsigarelli: wild vegetables with a spicy sauce.

Gemista: stuffed peppers and tomatoes.

Kolokithokeftedes: zucchini fritters with cheese.

Papoutsakia: rollatini from eggplants

Lachanodolmades: stuffed cabbage with rice and minced and lemon sauce.

Vegetarian moussaka.

Briam: oven dish with peppers potatoes, eggplant and zucchini.




Pastitsada: speciality from Corfu, veal with a savory sauce and pennes.
Smoked trout: open lasagna with rocket, smoked trout, tomato and pesto.
Chicken papardelle: papardelle with creamy chicken and mushrooms.
Tortelinia: oven dish with bacon, vegetables and cheese sauce.
Melantzana: rigatoni with eggplant, tomato and mozzarella.
Pastitsio: oven dish from spaghetti , minced meat and béchamel sauce.
Solomon: pennes with spinach and salmon.
Carbonara: farfale with bacon, mushrooms and grana padano with a creamy sauce.
Lasagna: Italian oven dish with minced meat and vegetables.
Giouvetsi: kritharakia with stew.
Suzukakia: spaghetti with Greek meatballs and tomato sauce.
Stroganoff: tagliatelle with beef, mushrooms and red pepper.
Bolognaise: spaghetti with minced meat and tomato sauce.


Solomon Toscana: salmon with sundried tomatoes and cappers.
Gamba's: stir fried king prawns with garlic and chili pepper.
Garides saganaki: ovendish with king prawns, tomato and feta cheese.
Tsipoura: grilled sea bream with lemon.
Mussels: a. Mediterranean sauce.
               b. Garlic wine sauce.
Kalamaria: fried squid.
Sardines with garlic, lemon dressing.
Gavros: fried anchovies



Sofrito: speciality from Corfu, stew in garlic wine sauce.
Psaronefri: pork tenderloin with baby onions in orange sauce.
Arni fourno: lamb shank from the oven.
Bouti: pork leg with mustard from the oven.
Giros: roasted slices from pork or chicken with onions and tzatziki.
Stifado: Greek stew with baby onions.
Stamna: veal with vegetables, potatoes and tomato sauce.
Biftekia: Greek burgers with feta cheese.
Moussaka: oven dish from eggplants and minced meat.
Spetsofaï: sausages with onions and tomato.
Bekri meze: stew from pork in a spicy sauce.
Rollade from chicken.
Frikadelli: stuffed chicken breast.
Tigania: slices of chicken breast with peppers and wine.


Meatloaf: minced meat from the oven.
Veal stew in brown beer.
Pulled pork with pita bread and garlic sauce.
Coq au vin: chicken in red wine sauce with vegetables.


Sate: skewer from pork tenderloin with peanut sauce.
Chicken breast with peanut sauce.
Nasi goreng: Indonesian fried rice with pork and vegetables.
Bami goreng: Indonesian noodles with chicken and vegetables.
Babi pangang: pork belly with sweet sauce.
Chicken curry.


Tiganites: warm crispy dough with honey, cinnamon and ice cream.
Greek yoghurt with walnuts and honey.
Frappe special: ice coffee with baileys ice cream and whipped cream.
Enchilladas with apple and walnuts.
Sweet pancakes with fruit and Nutella.
Mixed fruit salad.
Milfeï: crunchy dough with vanilla cream.
Banoffee: biscuits with caramel, whipped cream and banana.
Portokalopitta: pie with orange and ice cream.
Mozaïko: choclat dessert with biscuits and brandy.
Cheese cake.
Karidopita: walnut cake with spices and ice cream.
Apple pie with whipped cream.

*Do you have wishes for your meals or you want a BBQ, then this is at all times negotiable.